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Marine Engine Cooling Systems

A boat’s engine is one of its most critical — and expensive — components. Making sure it cools properly is one of the best ways to get the most out of your engine for as long as possible. At Orca Marine Cooling Systems, all we need are your engine’s identifying details and we can supply a stock or custom cooling system for your specific engine. Our marine cooling systems consist of a marine engine heat exchanger and the brackets, fittings, and hoses to properly install it. From single parts to full systems, our expert team can help.

Importance of Proper Engine Cooling

Excessive heat in a boat engine can result in problems ranging from minor inconveniences to those that are permanent, severe, or expensive to fix. Cooling systems help to safeguard marine engines against  these kinds of problems, preserving the engine’s functionality. Among the issues that inadequate engine cooling may cause are:

  • Overheating and seizing up
  • Diminished engine performance
  • Damage to the engine
  • Safety risks like engine fires
  • Higher fees for maintenance and repairs
  • Negative impacts on the environment

How Orca’s Marine Cooling Systems Work

Our raw water cooling systems are indirect systems that take advantage of the relatively cooler water under a marine vessel and the efficient cooling capabilities of a heat exchanger. Raw water from the river, lake, or sea that a boat is traversing pumps from outside the hull and into a tubing system within the boat engine’s heat exchanger. Engine coolant, which has heated after passing through the engine, also flows through the heat exchanger.

The two liquids do not come into direct contact, but the lower temperature of the raw water cools the engine coolant as it circulates in the exchanger, while the heat from the coolant transfers to the raw water. The system ultimately expels the heated raw water back out through the exhaust, while the newly cooled engine coolant flows back into the engine to prevent overheating. This cooling cycle continues as long as the engine is running.

Why Choose Orca’s Marine Cooling Systems

Rather than selecting a closed cooling system that uses coolant passages within your engine block to prevent overheating, choose an indirect marine cooling system from Orca. Our systems incorporate a heat exchanger, and we purposely design and build our heat exchangers for high performance as well as corrosion resistance to support better functionality and longevity in your engine. Also, raw seawater cooling systems tend to be more affordable than traditional varieties because their operations do not necessitate a separate cooling circuit.

Custom-Designed Cooling Systems

While we maintain an extensive database of stock cooling systems and parts for your cooling needs, we understand that sometimes a custom solution tailored to your exact needs is the best option. With capabilities for full engineering design, 2D and 3D CAD/CAM software, and custom in house machining, we can design and fabricate individual parts and components or a complete marine cooling system to meet your specifications. Choosing a custom cooling system offers such benefits as:

  • Customized fit and more flexibility
  • Improved durability and resistance to corrosion
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Greater efficiency

Contact Orca Marine

At Orca Marine, we’ve specialized in top-quality high-performance marine engine cooling systems and heat exchangers for more than 50 years. Whether you need a custom-designed system, a complete kit, replacement parts, or system accessories, our engineering and fabrication capabilities as well as our well-equipped machine shop enable the Orca Marine team to provide what you need. Contact us today for unparalleled marine engine protection solutions.

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